Coaching people, teams and organisations in transition

You are unsettled at work, the culture's not right and you're feeling anxious and depressed.

You're having a break from work due to injury, maternity/paternity leave or extended leave and you're anxious about transitioning back to the workplace.

You are struggling with issues at home and you are worried those issues are affecting your performance at work.

You're charged with a complex change project at work and you are committed to successfully managing the human impact of that change.

Your workers compensation insurance premiums are escalating due to a rise in psychological claims and you are committed to a human centred solution.

You have people not performing in your team and you are committed to a human centred transition program for you and your team.

You are leading a technological change in your business and you are committed to successfully managing the human transition of that change.

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Mission and Values

A disruption at work can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, financial worries and self neglect. 

Disruption comes in many forms including injury, stress, pregnancy, restructure and new technology.

Resilience and self agency are the cornerstones to healthy transition.

The future of work is likely to lead to an increase in disruption and if not managed well will lead to poor health and social outcomes including homelessness and addiction.

Eugene McGarrell Consulting coaches people, teams and organisations to transition positively.

People grieve when their work status is disrupted. We grieve the loss of our community at work, our status and our sense of meaning. This is where choices are made to either throw in the towel or to reinvent ourselves.




Self Agency



Connecting with self agency

Throw in the towel or reinvent?

Complaining about work is so easy to do. We all do it, and it can be fun sometimes. The new boss wants a restructure, they've given me tasks below by level of seniority, a team member isn't pulling her weight. We make excuses to pull a sickie, stay away from work and even extend time off work following an injury.

But when we do this we give away our agency.

The work context is always going to provide reason to groan and moan but the focus needs to be drawn back to you.

We are responsible for working in a role we love, with people we like and bosses we respect.

Only we can make that happen.

We complain to our spouse about our team's inability to understand our direction, their lack of motivation and their relentless mistakes. Is there a leader who hasn't done that?

I doubt it.

But we are responsible for leading a team that is inspired, delivers on time and embraces innovation and change.

Implementing organisational, structural and technological change? Spending our evenings drinking wine reflecting why the change is slow, expensive and missing critical milestones. Concerned our people aren't engaged and may even be sabotaging the change. Worried how we will report the news to our board? Blaming our 2IC?

But we have the capability to create a motivated, inspired and loyal culture among our leaders and people. We can successfully lead complex change on time and within budget. We are responsible for being in the right place at the right time.

We have agency.

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Getting to know you

All it takes sometimes is a coffee and a chat

Before proposing an approach I need to get to know you and you need to get to know me. 

A coffee and a chat is the first step to understanding each-other. Trust is an important factor and only time and connection can foster that trust.

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