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Mentoring people transitioning from redundancy to economic freedom with purpose.

Close-up of espresso pouring from coffee

Getting to know each-other

All it takes sometimes is a coffee and a chat


Social connection is the first step .

To engage in a mentoring relationship we must trust each other.

Get in touch to arrange a time to connect.

There is no fee or commitment.

Many if us have experienced redundancy. It can be framed as a threat or as an opportunity.

When I experienced redundancy I was in crisis. All I could see was a future without purpose or financial freedom.

Climbing the career ladder was a false promise. More work for more money but with less time to do the things I love.

I realised I wanted a meaningful day, and engage in work that provided me with a sense of purpose.

Filling my day with emails, sitting in meetings and managing the work politics was ruining my health.

Redundancy was my saviour. I had the opportunity to re-design who I was, where I was going and how I was going to savour every day.

Work was distracting me from economic freedom.

My goals are to have a worry free retirement and to see my kids own their own home. 

I achieve these goals by working for a not for profit, mentoring and investing in cryptocurrency.

What are your goals? And how will you achieve your goals?

I can mentor you to sharpen your goals and get you into action.


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