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Eugene McGarrell

I served the public sector for more than 40 years. Despite my commitment to the sector I faced redundancy for the first time at the age of 58.

The public sector was relatively free from the spectre of redundancy, unlike the commercial world. So when it hit, it hit hard.

I experience age discrimination in my quest to seek work. For the first time I understood how discrimination feels. Helpless and angry, with nowhere to turn.

I decided if I was to enter retirement worry free that I needed a new strategy. I needed to reinvent myself.

So I got out there and connected with as many people as I could. And I went within to get clear on my purpose and how I was going to spend my days.

The freedom redundancy gave me allowed me to invest my time to reform. The people I connected with gave me opportunities, a sense of self and belonging. 

I learned to ask for help. And I have never looked back.

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