About Me

Human centred transitioning for people, teams and organisations

I have 40 years experience in the workforce as a front line worker, middle manager and senior leader. I have a post graduate management diploma and am a qualified executive coach.


As a nurse, leader and political adviser I have seen significant disruption in the workplace.

 My passion is social justice and I have seen how work can create agency for people and how the lack of a meaningful day can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction and homelessness. 

The health and social outcomes for community continue to worsen and I am convinced disruption in the workplace is a significant contributor.

Job loss, career crisis, injury at work, team restructure and organisational change can have significant affect on people. It is also an opportunity for people to reinvent themselves.

I work with people out of work, people who are worried about their work, leaders who are struggling to manage change and executives planning organisational change.

Human centred transition is key. We are all unique and change affects us all differently. We need to learn to be resilient to change and positively emerge from transition.

Disruption in the workplace is escalating. We need to adapt to survive.

We need to be the agents of our own transformation.

For further details on my career, qualifications and track record check out https://www.linkedin.com/in/emcgarrell/


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